DIY sign writing for vans, cars, boats, shops, offices, schools and more. Just order pre-spaced self adhesive vinyl lettering and simply apply.
We can provide graphics and letters to your specification.

Stick On Signs began in 1998. It has produced a huge variety of graphics both domestic and industrial, for cars, shops, and many boats. Have a look at the 'Boats' page to see narrowboats, cruisers, dinghies and canoes, or 'Signs' pages for some examples of other work.

The graphics are supplied in high quality pre-spaced self-adhesive 5 - 7 year vinyl which provides an economical alternative to painted signs. These are simple to apply and can be produced in a wide range of colours. See our 'How to...' help page and the 'Colours' page.

Narrow boat graphic

Paint mask is another option. It creates a stencil so that you are able to achieve an impressive paint finish.The self adhesive vinyl can be applied to most clean smooth surfaces such as wood, fibre-glass, metal and glass. Stick On Signs is happy to help you with ideas for your design. This can easily be done via e-mail or if you prefer, a telephone call to discuss your ideas.


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The Last Navigable Stretch of the Thames

Halfpenny Brewery

Lechlade's first micro brewery.

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Narrow Boat VIENNA:

View the boat in the final stages August 2015

new boat build 2014