How to Apply Your Graphics

For the best results, vinyl graphics should be applied at a minimum temperature of 10°c on to a smooth, sound and clean surface. It does not matter if there is some moisture but any trace of grease, dust and grit should be eliminated.

First place your graphics on to the clean and grease free surface.

When happy with the position, hinge the graphics securely with a strip of masking tape.

Cut the graphics into manageable pieces.

Remove the graphics from the backing paper.

Smooth down with a flat edge, e.g. small ruler.

Remove the backing paper at an angle of about 180°

Alternatively you can use a central hinge method - secure the graphic in the centre as shown in the following photographs:
First, position your graphics.
Use a strip of tape to secure centrally.
Peel backing off one half.
Smooth graphic onto surface.
Remove backing on second half and smooth down.
Finally, remove transfer tape.